Is your Showbox Not Working? Know How to Fix Errors!!

When we talk about the streaming applications, Showbox Not Working has been ruling the roost for quite some time now! The application is loaded with features, is free of cost and caters to almost every taste with its wide variety of content. From action, drama, horror, comedy, history to movies, TV shows, updates and My Library, you name it and the application has it!

What makes it even more popular is the fact that it is compatible with all the different platforms from Windows, IOS to Blackberry. You can use it on Windows PC using an emulator; you can use it for iPhone, iPad or iTouch and even for BlackBerry 10.2.1 and above.

How to Fix Showbox Not working Error:

Showbox Not working

Showbox remains one of the most favorite applications of movie lovers for its extraordinary features and simple interface. Yet like any other application, it faces certain errors, the most common error being ‘Showbox not working.

If you are also encountering the same issue, you must follow these steps to resolve it.

One of the best ways to resolve issues within an application is updating it regularly. This adds new features to it and helps to get rid of the old bugs as well. To update Showbox:


You need to visit the official site of Showbox and download the latest version of the APK file of the application from there.

Step 2

You need to save the APK file so you can use it in future as well.

Step 3

Connect your computer to the Android device to which you wish to transfer the APK file.

Step 4

It’s time to transfer the APK file to the connected Android device.

Step 5

Since the transfer is complete, you can now disconnect the Android device from your computer.

Step 6

On your Android device, locate the APK file of Showbox that you just transferred.

Step 7

Open the file and click on ‘Install’ to initiate the installation process.

Showbox Apk

Step 8

With this click, the updated APK file of Showbox will get installed on your Android device in no time at all. The installation will automatically fix Showbox not working issue.

Step 9

You are now set to enjoy your favorite content all over again!

All the applications that are made available to the users on the internet need to be regularly updated so as to function well. The same holds true for Showbox. But since the application is not available on Play Store, the user needs to be updated with any updates that are available for it online. Another very important thing to ensure is that the updates should be genuine and correct.

Downloading the wrong, pirated and in genuine updates will not only ruin the streaming experience of the user but will also give errors like ‘update not working’ and ‘server not available’.

By updating the Showbox app with the above steps, you can easily get rid of issues such as:

  • Showbox not working
  • Showbox APK not updating
  • Server not available

Features of Showbox App Not Working:

Following are some of the features of the application that is responsible for its immense popularity:

  • When you choose the Showbox movies app, you can be assured of great quality content that is exclusive, popular and high in demand.
  • The quality is not just restricted to the quality of content but it is visible in HD quality print as well. The movies available here are generally 360p to 1080p.
  • It is not necessary to download the content every time. You can also choose to watch your favorite content live.
  • The application has a user-friendly interface and an intelligent design. This makes for an easy search and navigation. With only a single menu available, the entire process becomes uncomplicated.
  • Another great feature of the application is the ability to bookmark the favorite content. The users can pause and resume their favorite content from the same place.
  • If you are one of those busy bees, who never have time for sorting and organizing, the Showbox app organizes all your favorite content for you. Every time you start the app, your favorites are right for you!

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